Industrial Construction in Clark County, NV

Experience highly managed, quality and efficient industrial construction in Clark County with Foss General Contractors. We offer Nevada industrial plants and facilities custom contracting, millwright, piping and construction solutions.

Why Partner With an Experienced Industrial Contractor in Clark County, Nevada?

An experienced industrial contractor delivers various benefits in managing complex projects. You get specialist service, technical expertise and efficient execution, resulting in smoother project management and completion.

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Our Full Spectrum Industrial Services

Foss General Contractors’ comprehensive, customizable services include everything from early design to project finalization. Our expert team has managed numerous projects in various industries. 

Industrial Construction

Foss General Contractors team leverages decades of industry experience to deliver full-scale industrial construction services. We handle all aspects of your project, providing reliable, accurate and highly personalized solutions. We’ve worked with diverse industrial buildings, including:

Industrial General Contracting

Our specialist team provides extensive industrial repairs, renovation and construction services in adherence to regulatory and quality standards. We oversee everything from start to finish. The team comprises experienced builders, planners, suppliers, specialists and project managers, who aim to deliver projects on time and within budget. We handle:

Millwright Installations, Repair and Maintenance

We deliver dependable industrial millwright services in Clark County, Nevada. Our skilled team can handle heavy machinery and equipment repair, maintenance and installation. Our industrial mechanics work with the utmost precision. We adjust, align and replace parts, ensuring your machinery runs optimally. Our expert millwrights’ capabilities include:

Industrial Piping and Plumbing

The Foss General Contractors team provides trusted industrial piping services in Clark County. Your plumbing and piping are vital components in your facility. When expanding or upgrading facilities, you must ensure your piping and plumbing systems will still operate safely and efficiently. 

We strive to provide industrial plumbing and piping solutions that are reliable, robust and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our industrial pipework includes:

  • Piping
    We ensure water, steam, chemicals, compressed air, gas and other necessities flow through your facility as they should. We specialize in sanitary piping, process piping, and utility piping for a variety of industries.
  • Plumbing
    Our industrial plumbing team works to keep water, sanitation, vent and drain pipes in your building running smoothly.
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Work With One of the Best Industrial Construction Companies in Nevada

The Foss General Contractors team has years of industry experience. We provide:

  • Honest and responsive communication:
    We proactively mitigate risks and plan for contingencies. Should unexpected challenges arise, we will notify you and be transparent to minimize financial and legal implications.
  • Efficient service:
    Your projects are time-sensitive because time is money. Our team works around your schedule and completes service quickly to reduce operational downtime.
  • Customized solutions
    We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team takes a customer-centric approach, delivering the service that will be the best for your industrial facility.
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Leverage Contact Foss General Contractors' Expertise

The Foss General Contractors team is experienced in all aspects of industrial construction, millwright work, contracting and piping. We serve clients across various industries and tailor solutions and services to suit each application.

Streamline your industrial construction project — contact us online.

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