Utility Piping

Utility Piping Installation

Your manufacturing plant may depend on steam, gas, water, compressed air, wastewater systems and other essential utilities to execute its daily operations and keep your equipment running effectively. Utility piping is necessary for transporting various liquids, gases and solids associated with these systems. Take natural gas for an oven or compressed air for blowers as an example. 

Foss General Contractors is an experienced utility piping services provider in California and Nevada that you can trust to maximize your pipes’ performance. We assist companies across a broad range of industries, such as food processing, raw material refining, chemical processing, aerospace and many others. 

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We Handle All Types of Utility Piping Systems

Industrial and utility piping systems are complex and can experience various problems that require professional attention. Many companies lack the in-house expertise and resources to address these issues in a timely manner. Too often, businesses are unaware of a serious pipe issue until it worsens, becoming costly and challenging to fix. 

Our expert team at Foss General Contractors can take care of leaks and other repair issues that could disrupt your operations and bring them to a standstill. We’ve earned the trust of businesses throughout California and Nevada with our fast response times, attention to detail and high-quality work. 

About Our Service

We can assist with every aspect of your company’s needs. Are you considering a utility piping installation, upgrade or retrofit? We can manage every project phase, including the design, engineering and placement of the pipeline. We can create piping designs that maximize your facility’s efficiency and piping system structure.  Our team will ensure the work meets your specifications and requirements. 

When it’s time to fix broken piping, we’ll respond quickly, diagnose the issue and execute the most practical and cost-effective solution. We’re also available to handle repair emergencies that require immediate attention. Our preventive maintenance services can detect and troubleshoot potential piping problems before they become significant and expensive repair requirements for your business. 

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Our Service Benefits

Partnering with Foss General Contractors for utility piping offers several valuable benefits:


We understand how vital piping systems are to the success of your manufacturing operation. Our team strives to complete all projects efficiently to minimize your facility’s downtime as much as possible.


We have an extended track record of performing high-quality work that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. You rely upon on us to deliver a successful outcome.


Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to avoid wasting time and resources when performing utility piping work. Whether we’re installing a new system or repairing an existing structure, we’ll strive to do the job right the first time. 


We’ll work around your company’s schedule when executing your utility piping project by performing the work at times that will allow you to maximize productivity. We’ll do our best to stay out of your way while we install or repair your piping.

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Learn More About Our Utility Piping Services

When it’s time for utility piping work in California or Nevada, it’s essential to choose a company that understands and meets your needs. Discover the advantages of selecting Foss General Contractors for your next utility piping project by contacting us for more information today. We’ll also provide a free, no-obligation estimate for almost all projects. 

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