Industrial Piping & Plumbing

Industrial Piping Services

Your piping and plumbing systems play a vital role in every project you work on. They’re responsible for moving water, steam, gas, chemicals, compressed air and other substances throughout your facility. As you remodel or expand your property, your piping must adapt to those changes, so you can maintain plant efficiency and improve facility safety. As one of the top pipe installation companies in Orange County, Foss General Contractors understands your space has unique requirements, and our experienced professionals are ready to take on the job.

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Industrial Pipe Installation

Trust us to handle all your industrial piping needs, including installing and maintaining plumbing systems for almost every use and industry. We handle utility, process and sanitary pipes made of various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and PVC. Our highly skilled and efficient team adheres to industry safety and building code standards, and our maintenance services ensure that your systems are functioning optimally.

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What Is Industrial Piping and Industrial Plumbing?

Industrial pipe installation often involves two parts — plumbing and piping. Though these terms are often used synonymously, there are distinct differences in industrial pipework services:


Plumbing pipes transport water, sanitary waste, vents, and drains throughout your facility. These pipes are responsible for keeping your facility up and running by powering faucets, electricity and other essential building components. While both plumbing and piping may be vital to your facility’s production, plumbing pipes must meet building codes for your property to be functional and legal.


Piping refers specifically to pipes involved with industrial processing or machine utilities. These pipes carry the chemicals, ingredients, compressed air, natural gas and other necessities you use in manufacturing and processing. They generally transport single materials through separate lines to a merge point or piece of equipment, where they’re used at for the production of goods. For example, in food processing, ingredients like dough and chocolate may come through different pipes and meet at some point to combine for use in baking or cooking.

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Steris Industrial Piping Project with Pipe Welds

Industrial Piping Services with Foss

Our industrial piping and plumbing services are designed for manufacturers in food processing, raw material processing and other industries that manage sensitive and raw materials. At Foss General Contractors, we believe in outstanding work done efficiently. From the beginning of our partnership, we’ll be honest with you about our expectations and take the initiative to keep you updated on any challenges we come across throughout your project.

We strive to develop reliable industrial plumbing and piping solutions in every situation and leave our legacy behind long after we’re done. In this highly competitive marketplace, we’re proud of our commitment to serving our customers the way they deserve to be treated — with integrity, respect and transparency. Together, we’ll develop the tools your facility needs to grow and deliver more to every one of your clients.

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Work With An Experienced Industrial Piping Contractor

Work with a team committed to helping you succeed from the moment you contact us. Get started by requesting a site survey or project estimate today