Industrial Equipment Installation

Industrial Equipment Installation Services

Whether you’re constructing a new facility, reorganizing your current facility or moving to a different location, employing the services of an industrial equipment installation professional ensures a safe and efficient installation. Hiring an experienced industrial and mechanical contractor to install your plant equipment reduces the likelihood of costly breakdowns and faults over the long term, protecting your operation. 


Installing critical heavy equipment and machinery demands the expertise of a contractor, such as Foss General Contractors. Our highly skilled team provides turnkey equipment installation services in California and Nevada, overseeing every phase from planning to handover to ensure the flawless installation of your valuable assets.

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Highly Skilled Industrial Machinery Installation Company

At Foss General Contractors, we understand the need to remain flexible and equip ourselves with the resources to execute an expedient installation. From individual components to entire production lines and complete facility setups, our team provides a host of machinery installation services, such as:

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Opt for the Leaders in Industrial Equipment Installation Services

When you choose Foss General Contractors as your industrial equipment installation contractor, you get a world-class team focused on providing you with the most effective installation. Our knowledge and expertise ensure you benefit from our services in several ways, including:

Enhanced Productivity

Investing in our expert team to handle your installation means a fast turnaround time and reliable installation, minimizing downtime and ensuring your equipment runs at peak performance levels.

Prioritized Safety

With proper training and licensing in place, we have the skills and equipment necessary to handle and install large, heavy and awkward machinery components in a manner that ensures the utmost safety, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.

Reduced Repairs

Whether we install new machinery or relocate existing units, we do so with accuracy and care, reducing the risk of damage and costly repairs.

Extensive Industry Experience

We place Integrity and respect front and center at Foss General Contractors, regardless of the task at hand. 

Specialized Equipment

We are experts in our field with a proven track record, committed to the efficiency and success of your business, ensuring optimal results.

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Contact the Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Repair Professionals

Keeping your industrial equipment in peak condition is essential to your operation and requires the knowledge and expertise of an experienced machine repair and maintenance team. Foss General Contractors can provide you with the necessary service and repair support to prevent unexpected breakdowns, reduce unnecessary disruptions and remain profitable. Contact our team online today to handle your emergency repairs or schedule routine preventive maintenance.