Industrial Equipment Repair And Maintenance

Industrial Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Downtime due to equipment failure can significantly impact your productivity and be incredibly costly. The best way to reduce the risk of expensive disruptions at your facility is to schedule regular industrial equipment repair and maintenance services. The team at Foss General Contractors has the skills and experience necessary to service and repair your industrial machinery in California and Nevada, helping you avoid unnecessary breakdowns and extending your equipment’s life span.

At Foss General Contractors, we provide a wide assortment of premium process piping services to companies in California and Nevada. Our experience and sincere commitment to quality and excellence ensure the best outcomes for your projects. 

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First-Class Industrial Machine Maintenance and Repair

Each machine, plant or piece of equipment at your facility performs a vital function in the chain of production processes. When one link within the chain breaks down, production must often come to a halt, resulting in lost time and revenue. Opting for a planned maintenance routine is the best way to keep your facility operating efficiently, safeguarding your profitability. 

Foss General Contractors provides comprehensive preventive maintenance and repairs to support operations in a vast range of industries, including food processing, beverage processing, manufacturing, aerospace, chemical processing and more. When unexpected breakdowns occur, our team works swiftly to repair your plant and equipment and get production up and running again. 

We service and repair a broad spectrum of equipment spanning multiple industries, some of which include:

Industrial Equipment Installation
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Food Processing Equipment Repair

Food processing demands precision and consistency. At Foss General Contractors, we understand those intricate needs. We offer our expertise to ensure your equipment runs smoothly without disruption.

Navigating food processing can be daunting. Our services help you overcome challenges with these benefits:

Our expert millwrights have experience with sensitive machinery, from welding to replacing parts and conducting machinery alignments. We can repair components in your food processing plant like:

Industrial Piping for Food and Beverage Industry - Pipes with Wheel Gauges

Piping Repair for Food Processing Facilities

Your plant relies on piping to transport materials, process ingredients and run your machinery. We offer food processing repair services for piping like:


We also provide emergency piping repairs for damaged or leaking pipes to minimize disruptions.

Food Processing Sectors Served

You can use our innovative food processing equipment repairs to operate at the forefront of manufacturing and food production. Our expertise in various materials is vital to seamless workflow. With our machinery repairs, you can succeed at the following:

Food Processing requires specific standards and sanitation requirements. From snack foods to bakery products, we specialize in food processing industrial equipment repairs and maintenance. 

Handling delicate beverage machinery requires a different finesse. Whether it’s distilleries or soft drink manufacturing, our food process equipment repair in California and Nevada fixes leaks and damages to ensure optimal flow rates.

Dairy equipment requires high hygiene standards. Our specialized repair approach promotes seamless dairy processing.

Ensuring the machinery in meat and poultry processing is up to par is critical for product quality. Trust in our comprehensive solutions to handle high pressures and temperatures.

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Choose Foss General Contractors for Your Repair and Maintenance Needs

Your plant and equipment are assets vital to your business’s success and should receive professional priority care when necessary. The Foss General Contractors team is ready to provide the top-tier industrial machine repair and maintenance services you need. When you call on our skilled repair and maintenance team, you benefit in the following ways:

Minimal Operational Downtime

We act fast to get your equipment operating as it should, reducing downtime and saving you money.

Safe Service Approach

Our strict safety protocols align with all required safety regulations and building codes to protect your team and ours.

Expert Troubleshooting

Our vast industry experience enables us to analyze and detect issues on-site and adjust our approach where needed to ensure effective and economical repairs.

Experienced Team

We are experts in our field with a proven track record, committed to the efficiency and success of your business, ensuring optimal results.

Reputable Partner

We place Integrity and respect front and center at Foss General Contractors, regardless of the task at hand. 

Trustworthy Service Provider

Our team will tailor your repair and maintenance needs according to your unique business requirements and obstacles to reduce the risk of unwanted outcomes.

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Contact the Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Repair Professionals

Keeping your industrial equipment in peak condition is essential to your operation and requires the knowledge and expertise of an experienced machine repair and maintenance team. Foss General Contractors can provide you with the necessary service and repair support to prevent unexpected breakdowns, reduce unnecessary disruptions and remain profitable. Contact our team online today to handle your emergency repairs or schedule routine preventive maintenance.

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