Industrial Construction in Orange County, CA

Discover quality, efficient industrial construction in Orange County, California, with Foss General Contractors. We deliver industry-leading solutions for facilities needing construction, piping, large-scale contracting and millwright work.

Why Hire an Industrial Contractor in Orange County?

A reputable industrial contractor offers your facility superior and streamlined project management. You get specialist service and a team with technical proficiency, industry knowledge and connections. The highly managed service delivers smoother project execution, cost control and successful outcomes.

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Foss General Contractors Services

Our industrial construction encompasses everything from conceptualization to delivery of the final product. We’ve completed various projects, tailoring our services to each application.

Industrial Construction

We handle a full spectrum of industrial construction services, including designing, planning, building, fabrication and installation. With decades of industry experience, our team tackles projects with accuracy and reliability. Some of the construction tasks we can take on include:

-Building safety and equipment structures

-Custom fabrications

-Running utility and process piping

-Equipment installation

Industrial Piping

When you remodel or expand, you must fortify your systems to ensure plant efficiency and facility safety. Foss General Contractors works with industrial piping in Orange County. We enable water, steam, compressed air, gas and other chemicals to channel through your facility as they should. Our industrial pipework services include:

-Plumbing, such as water, sanitary waste, vent and drain pipes

-Piping, such as industrial processing and machine utility pipes. See our sanitary, process, and utility piping pages for more information. 

Industrial Contracting

Foss General Contractors completes large-scale renovation and industrial construction projects. We help manufacturers and facilities upgrade to conform with industry safety standards or expand operations. Our team prioritizes efficiency and works to minimize operational shutdowns. Leveraging our years of experience, we remodel, develop and build using various materials. 

Millwright Work

We offer expert industrial millwright services across various projects, prioritizing utmost precision in the installation and reassembly of equipment. 

Our experienced team will maintain and repair your heavy machinery to optimize efficiency and increase system longevity. Our industrial mechanics handle:


-Machinery installation and alignment

-Part replacement and fitting


-Repairing industrial machinery

-Blueprint analysis

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Why Hire an Industrial Contractor in Orange County?

Foss General Contractors provides comprehensive industrial construction to California facilities and beyond. We offer:

  • Minimal operational downtime:
    When we start a new project for you, we manage our industrial contracting work around your schedule. Our team understands time equals money — so we work to diminish operational downtime.
  • Transparent and honest service:
    At Foss General Contractors, we deliver honest feedback. We proactively mitigate risks and handle your resources with care. Should unexpected delays or challenges arise, we’ll be transparent to reduce financial and legal risk.
  • Customer-centric approach:
    We have an unwavering commitment to your needs and customize our services and solutions to each industrial client.
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Contact Foss General Contractors for Service

The Foss General Contractors team delivers trusted industrial construction in Orange County, California. Our experienced team oversees all aspects of the project, from design to delivery.

We serve clients in various industries with quality, custom solutions. Need help with your industrial construction project?

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