Structural Steel Contractor

Structural Steel Contractor

At Foss General Contractors, we provide efficient and professional industrial construction and contractor services to install the steel structures you need with minimal impact on your productivity.

Mezzanine Industrial Construction Build with Custom Prefabrication and Welding
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Your Structural Steel Construction Experts in California and Nevada

Whether overseeing manufacturing or processing operations, ensuring your facility remains productive and safe is essential to meeting the demands of these typically competitive industries. Foss General Contractors provides fast and reliable structural steel fabrication and construction services led by our experienced planners, builders and project managers.

For new construction projects, upgrades, prototypes and more, our structural steel construction, rigging, erection and repair services include:

Our highly qualified team can also construct and install structures according to your specific needs using carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. We can also match your newly constructed structures to your facility by painting, powder coating, or other means per customer request. 

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Reasons to Partner With Foss General Contractors

There are several reasons to choose Foss General Contractors as your structural steel contractor, including the following:

Transparency in All We Do

We prioritize your challenges and requirements, all while communicating transparently and honestly to minimize undesirable financial and legal consequences.

Professional Direction and Insights For Entire Project

Our team can see your project through from start to finish, including planning, design, building and inspection.

Fast and Efficient Service

We aim to complete your project on time and within budget and ensure a quick turnaround time to minimize operational downtime.

Reliable and Trustworthy Team

Our company culture is founded on integrity and respect, which is how we approach everything we do.

Commitment To Your Success

We are committed to ensuring your project delivers the results you need to grow and succeed.

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Contact a Structural Steel Contractor You Can Rely On

Trust Foss General Contractors for your California and Nevada structural steel construction and fabrication needs. Let our knowledgeable team assist you as early as the design and planning phase to ensure your facility meets your operational requirements and aligns with the necessary regulations. Call our team at (657) 247-0433 or complete our online form to discuss your needs, schedule a job walk or get a proposal.

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